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Looks like I'm going to have to get hooked on a new Tuesday night show.  ABC Family is airing my song "Dream a Better Way," on Jane by Design tomorrow night, February 7, in the episode, The Image Issue.  The show stars Erica Dasher and features Andie MacDowell as the steely boss. So, would you or wouldn't you want to get sent to the bosses office??

Three Songs on 90210 Tonight!

Posted on January 24, 2012 with 0 comments
I'm not sure if I could be more excited!  Three songs, really?  If you tune in to 90210 tonight you'll catch three songs in one episode.  The new episode, "Mama, Can You Hear Me," airs at 8pm on the CW and will include "Out of my arms," "Metal Boy," and "Drive me home"-- a song that I record and mixed at home but never released to record.

I'm growing incredulous.  Five songs in one season?  Maybe I could pop in and do a quick acoustic set... if only they'd resurrect the old Peach Pit.  The man behind the bar, the ab man, they call him, well, I'm starting to think he likes my records. I can't tell you exactly where you'll find my song "Next to you" in this week's episode, "Vegas, Maybe," but, maybe, just maybe, it'll be playing in the background in the bar.  It's pretty chill like that.
Keep your ears peeled.  Catch the episode on the WB Tuesday, November 8th.

I'm getting hooked. I can't help it.  The new 90210 continues to feature my songs and so I have to watch, and watch... and watch.  This marks three weeks that the WB hit show has included me in their production. It's probably about time I send a bottle of wine as a thank you.  Red or white? 
Watch 90210 this Tuesday, November 1st, to catch my song "Go" in the new episode, "Naomi Throws a Party."  I'll be throwing one too.

Watch 90210 on the WB tonight, October 4, and catch my songs "Dream a better way" and "Just the way."  Both songs will be featured tonight on the episode "Let the Games Begin."
This is a double first.  Not only will there be two of my songs in one episode for the first time, but this will mark two episodes in a row.  Last week's episode "Greek Tragedy," featured my song "This is" from my new Wind-Up Toy EP.

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