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Tim Hanauer: Reviews

New Tim Hanauer EP Sneak Peek


Colorado cranks out some amazing musicians … The Fray is probably the biggest name to come out of the Centennial State that most people would be familiar with, but my playlist is chock full of Colorado musicians.  The Heyday, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Air Dubai, and really, do I need to profess my love any more for Christopher Jak?

Well, that list also includes singer-songwriter Tim Hanauer, whose last full-length album, Time for Change was a well-worn out record for me in 2009.  If you don’t know his work, you may actually have heard it and just not be aware of it: his music has been featured on musical breakout show “One Tree Hill.”
Tim’s got a new EP coming out on February 1st called Wind-Up Toy.  As of today, you can preview this dreamy new piece of work over at his website.  And, if you sign up for the mailing list, you’ll get a free download of the first single, “This Is.”

I give it two thumbs up.  Can’t wait for this EP!

Krissie - JRZYGRL (Jan 17, 2011)

For up and coming singer/songwriters, it can be a rough world out there. For Tim Hanauer, it seems as though it's not going to be so bad. His newest album is a poignant collection of well written and performed songs. Although the music may not be what you might hear on popular radio, it's actually refreshing to get to listen to a full album of songs that does not follow along the same cookie cutter mold as typical pop music. The disc is full of magical music, the best of which include "Miss," "December Days," and "Dream A Better Way." Hanauer has a way with words and mixes them beautifully with his simple instrumentation. Any fan of independent songwriters will surely fall in love with Hanauer's latest. (Jun 19, 2010)
“Tim Hanauer didn’t just stumble onto his career. He gave it some thought, then did what he had to to get where he wanted to go.”
Dan England - The Greeley Tribune (Aug 15, 2007)
“[Boomerang] Favorite Acoustic-Style CD of 2006!”
Rosalie Howarth, Acoustic Sunrise - KFOG, San Francisco, CA (Jan 21, 2006)
"We get TONS of music each week. Putting in an album [Boomerang] not presented to me by a major label and finding a ‘diamond in the rough’ is what makes my job fun.”
Amy Miller, Program Director - WTYD, Williamsburg, VA (Mar 25, 2006)
Hanauer is a singer of his own making. His talents, given a top-notch production sheen, make a worthwhile listen out of Time for Change, his second full-length. After a couple of rather plain-flavored tracks, he shows off his flexibility, the lazy afternoon pull of “Miss” preceding a spectacular flash of drums and electric guitar on “Out Of My Arms.” Most surprising is “Next To You,” a simple pop ditty with an especially luscious and unexpected keyboard bridge. Gaps in other tracks get colored in by Hanauer himself, being a master of subtle accentuation who knows just what words make a homespun tune palatable.

What does the future hold for an artist who might have had Room for Squares on repeat for the last seven years? Apparently it’s already here: “Dream A Better Way” was netted for the soundtrack of the new romantic-comedy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Nia Vardalos, while other tracks are making the rounds on the primetime dramas of network television. All he needs next is a blonde on one arm and a gold phonograph in hand.
Erik Myers - Scene Magazine (Jul 1, 2009)
“In his new release, Boomerang, Hanauer gives listeners his take on life, love and letting go in the uncertain, and sometimes harsh world in which we live. His refreshing observations reveal Hanauer’s mature, experienced outlook on the human situation. Hanauer’s touching intimacy and fiercely private lyrics are sure to strike a chord with anyone (and that is most likely everyone) who has been made a fool of by love.”
Joseph Shipley - Scene Magazine (Mar 7, 2006)
”The great traditional singer/songwriter style lives on in local music. Tim Hanauer combines the surfer-boy lullabies of Jack Johnson with a John Mayer folk-tinged feel. Hanauer didn’t start his journey into the musical realm until he was 17, but he’s making up for a late start. “Yellow Raincoat” has already been featured on CBS’s “The Ghost Whisperer” and Denver’s own KQMT, The Mountain, has placed Hanauer’s cover of “8 Days A Week” as the first track on their Mountain Homegrown Volume IV release.”
Monica Banks - Marquee Magazine
“I haven’t taken the CD out of my player!”
Laura Kelley, Producer - KUSA, Denver, Channel 9 News
"Tim makes no qualms about his potential for romanticism, the prevailing theme of his music. Musical four thumbs up! The presentation sears to the artery. Tim Hanauer is a wonderful version of mellow."
Paul Wozniak - KKPL, Fort Collins, CO